Fire Cider Tonic
Fire Cider Tonic

Fire Cider Tonic

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Travel the four corners, the nooks and crannies, the circles and spirals of the world - where apples grow, you will find all manner of cider vinegar recipes and remedies still in popular use today.

Our fire cider tonic is packed with a swift kick and topped off with hints of sweet that make for a smooth finish & deliciously nutritious taste. Judith's fall winter herbal classes has introduced this fire cider recipe to many and now we've finally put it in a bottle! Come see & feel what everyone is saying!!!!

Fire cider is a quick & effective way to clear your body of bacteria, sore throats & swollen lymph’s, sinus pressure, sluggishness, bad attitudes and more! This can be enjoyed straight from the bottle or you can add oil for a delicious probiotic salad dressing.  It also pairs well with your favorite spirits for balanced life choices. 

Sold in 4 oz bottle (4 doses)


horseradish*, onion*, garlic*, ginger*, cayenne pepper*, turmeric*, jalapeno*, lemon*, rosemary*, raw apple cider vinegar*, raw orange blossom honey* (*organic)

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