Turmeric Hemp Salve
Turmeric Hemp Salve

Turmeric Hemp Salve

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Herbal salves are natural healing ointments for the skin. Our herbs are organically grown and harvested at its peak of ripeness to maximize the healing components of each plant. We slowly infuse our herbs (sometimes treating them to a kiss of powerful light from the sun) to gently release critical healing compounds.


Turmeric Hemp Salve (Yellow):  This salve starts with an MCT coconut oil and contains a blend of hemp seed and jojoba oil with a natural beeswax base infused with our own homegrown organic turmeric root. We've also added essential oils of tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus and bitter orange.

1 oz jar

NOTE* This salve will cause temporary discoloration of the skin and may stain clothing. Use responsibly. 

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