Citrus Herbal Salt

Citrus Herbal Salt

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Our Herbal Salts are infused with fresh herbs right from our farm-acy! We select our herbs at the peak of harvest when the natural oils and benefits are at its highest. Our salt blends include organically grown rosemary, oregano, and sage. This is a seasonal item and is only available after our orange harvest until supplies last!

Citrus Herbal Salt Pink - This is a herbaceous and refreshing multi-use salt with  subtle hints of citrus and a bright flavor. It is most effective as a finishing salt, when sprinkled on a hot and steamy meal.  You can also take this salt to the bathroom and use it as a soothing and comforting bath salt. The Citrus Herbal Salt ingredients include Aleaea sea salt (pink) which is the traditional Hawaiian table salt used to season and preserve foods. Aleaea is non-processed and is rich in trace minerals, all found in the sea water. A small amount of the natural mineral “Alae” (volcanic baked red clay) enriches the salt with iron-oxide, seals in the moisture, and adds flavor while also giving the salt its distinctively attractive red color. The Hawaiian clay gives the salt a subtle, earthy flavor with a slightly mellower taste than regular sea salt.  It also includes Mediterranean sea salt (white).

Citrus Herbal Salt Black- Just like our pink version, this salt in infused with the herbs listed above. In addition, we have added the Hiwa Kai black sea salt. Hiwa Kai  is a unique Hawaiian black lava salt- a solar evaporated Pacific Sea Salt combined with activated charcoal, giving it the stunning black color and silky texture.The charcoal complements the natural sea salt flavor, giving it a bold and unique taste with smoky overtones while also promoting detoxifying health benefits.

* 8 oz jar