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Sold in 3 in pots. 

Various eggplants varieties are available. Most are not labeled and will add the excitement of anticipation and you discover which eggplant your plant will produce!!

Eggplant loves warmth and grows best in very sunny, well-drained locations. 

Growing eggplant is a must if you’re a fan of outdoor grilling! These stately plants grow well and look beautiful in containers, ornamental borders, raised beds, and traditional in-ground gardens. Small-fruited varieties tend to be especially heavy bearers, and you can expect to pick a dozen or more from each Ichiban plant over the summer in warm climates. Larger varieties bear more traditional-sized fruits, are equally impressive whether in the garden or kitchen, where they can be stuffed, grilled, or combined with summer herbs and tomatoes.

Here is some great information and recipes on how to prepare these delicious beauties!