Eggplant - Pingtung Long

Eggplant - Pingtung Long

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A wonderful eggplant from Ping Tung, Taiwan. Fruits are purple and up to 18” long and 2” in diameter. This variety is so sweet and tender, superbly delicious! One of the best Chinese eggplants on the market.

We think eggplant is underutilized in American kitchens—it's such a versatile food! Asian eggplants like Ping Tung Long are an important ingredient in traditional Indian, Malaysian and Thai curries. The spongy texture is great for soaking up flavors—we really like it in sauces with garlic and ginger. This eggplant is superb when grilled whole or sliced lengthwise, then broiled or stir-fried. Pairs well with Thai basil. Preserve fresh eggplant by drying; cooked eggplant can be frozen. 

Sold by the pound.