Kush Kale aka Ethiopian Kale (Plant)
Kush Kale aka Ethiopian Kale (Plant)

Kush Kale aka Ethiopian Kale (Plant)

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Sold in 3in pots.

This kale variety originated in the East African plain, particularly Ethiopia, as early as 4000 B.C. where it is still grown primarily as an oil seed crop. It is valuable because it will set seed at warmer tropical temperatures than other Brassicas. In East and southern Africa, young leaves are eaten as a vegetable raw or cooked.

Leaves should be harvested just before eating as a cooked or raw vegetable. Even the stems when cooked have a mild flavor like collards or cabbage. Crushed seeds are eaten with meat. Ethiopian Kale is a nutritious vegetable, high in calcium and iron. Its leaves have less oxalic acid than spinach. Juice squeezed from the leaves is a good source of vegetable protein.

Our Ethiopian kale plants are grown from seeds we've grown and saved for years in organic conditions. We especially enjoy this kale in Judith's delicious homemade version of Ethiopian greens known as Gomen.