Okra - Red Burgundy
Okra - Red Burgundy

Okra - Red Burgundy

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Sold in 3 inch pots and in 6 packs.

 When Chanowk introduced Red Burgundy okra to our land several years ago, we never turned back. Judith particularly likes this okra because of its ability to grow up to 4 to 5 inches long without becoming fibrous in texture as green okra can become. This okra turns green when cooked and it freezes well for long term storage so be sure to grow plenty of it to enjoy with your fall and winter stews. These are grown from seeds we have save each year.

'Red Burgundy' okra, also sold as 'Burgundy' by some merchants, has attractive plants that reach four to five feet in height. Its beautiful, hibiscus-like, creamy-yellow colored flowers develop into burgundy colored pods that should be harvested at three to four inches in length, but remain tender to about six inches. The pods turn green when cooked. As noted, its plants are quite ornamental with burgundy stems, leaf ribs, and pods contrasting nicely with its green leaves.