Sage - White Sage
Sage - White Sage

Sage - White Sage

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Sold in 3 inch pots.

White sage is difficult to grow by seed but we gave it a go. After dropping 40 seeds about this time last year, we are so pleased with the 10 amazing baby plants we have available to offer you! This is a sacred plant native to California and has gained much popularity recently for its smudging and cleansing ability. Unfortunately, this has led to over harvesting and has put this sacred plant on the at risk list. 

We encourage you to help preserve this species by planting one in your space. Be patient, this is a slow growing plant that needs little care. 

Growing up to a height of roughly five feet, the salvia apiana is made up of bunches of silvery leaves. Starting out crinkled and grey the leaves unfold and soon turn the waxy, silvery-white colour that gives the plant it's colloquial name of white sage. Once mature the leaves have resins and oils that produce a strong scent that make salvia apiana appealing for home cultivation. The scent is produced naturally as the plant grows but is especially intense when the leaves are cut or crushed.