Squash - Blue Hubbard
Squash - Blue Hubbard

Squash - Blue Hubbard

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Sold in 3 inch pots.

Blue hubbard squash is large in size, averaging thirty centimeters in diameter and ranging 5-40 pounds in weight. Oval and plump in shape, Blue hubbard squash is somewhat bulbous in the middle and slightly tapered at the neck leading to a corky, rough, light brown stem. The semi-thin rind is very tough, bumpy with some smooth patches, and pale blue-green-gray in color. The flesh is orange to golden yellow, fine-grained, and dense with a large central cavity filled with stringy pulp and many large, flat, cream-colored seeds. When cooked, Blue hubbard squash is tender and starchy with a rich and semi-sweet, nutty flavor similar to that of cooked pumpkin.