Tomato Heirloom - Brandywine

Tomato Heirloom - Brandywine

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Sold in 3 inch pots

80 days from setting out transplants. Indeterminate.

The most popular heirloom tomato in America, Brandywine earns its name with indescribably rich flavor seldom found in modern varieties. It's tangy in the classic tomato way, but also rich and sweet, with a juicy succulent bite that really satisfies. Bearing little resemblance to bland, smooth, evenly red modern hybrids, Brandywine sets big fruit of purplish-red, deeply lobed and not at all "uniform"!

Brandywine is a favorite among connoisseurs of classic tomatoes. The plants are indeterminate, for good yields over a long season. The fruit is surprisingly large -- 12 ounces or more -- and no two will look exactly alike. Attention-getting, distinctive, and tried-and-true, Brandywine is truly a classic!