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Our Founders

Judith and Chanowk run Yisrael Farms, which started as a half acre urban farm nestled in the heart of Sacramento and has now grown to multiple locations. Their farm is a sustainable community resource, a story of love, perseverance, and reverence for the earth’s rhythms.

Their neighborhood is a historically working-class area now battling food apartheid, poverty, and gentrification. It’s a familiar story for communities of color. The Yisraels decided to flip the narrative. In ten years, these city slickers transformed their yard into a half-acre farm, fed hundreds of people, taught thousands more and have found that the answers are in the soil. 

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Transforming The Hood
For Good

Our mission is to transform the hood for good using agriculture to engage, employ, and empower our community. 

Speaking Engagements

From Capitalism in America to Why Grow Food, our presentations warm the heart and inspire the mind.

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This is a homegrown revolution. We started by wanting to feed our family and we've brought this to our community and beyond.
- Chanowk & Judith Yisrael

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