Discover the Art of Cold Process Soapmaking:
A Beginner's Journey

Embark on a sensory journey as we delve into the world of Cold Process Soapmaking. This class is designed with beginners in mind, offering a hands-on experience that will leave you with not just beautifully crafted soaps but also a newfound passion for this timeless art.

Classes resume Spring 2024

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1.5-hr Introduction to Cold Process Soap Making Class (Virtual)


3-hr Hands on Cold Process Soap making Class


Virtual One-on-one Home & Business Consulting


🌿 Hands-On Experience

Feel the thrill of crafting your own soap from ancient recipes, infusing it with your energy and intention. Each step of the process is an alchemical journey, turning simple elements into a masterpiece. As you mold and shape, you'll witness the transformation of raw materials into a work of functional art.

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Journey into Ancient Art:

In this unique class, we invite you to explore the ancient art and alchemy of soapmaking. Uncover the mystique behind crafting soap from scratch, tapping into the wisdom passed down through generations. Our expert instructor will guide you through the delicate dance of oils, lye, and fragrances, transforming basic ingredients into a luxurious concoction.


Embrace the Alchemist Within:

This class is not just about soap; it's an invitation to embrace the alchemist within you. Engage with your fellow aspiring alchemists, share stories, and forge connections in a supportive environment that fosters creativity and curiosity.

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Meet Our Master Soapmaker

Judith Yisrael is co-founder of The Yisrael Family Urban Farm. Judith is a community educator, member of the the American Herbalist Guild, permaculturalist and lover of all things natural. Her handmade soaps and other skin care products are sold at retail outlets in Sacramento. She, along with her husband, own and operate Yisrael Farms where she teaches herbalism, cooking & canning classes, and other homesteading skills for over twelve years. 

Watch as Judith crafts our popular Sea Moss & Clay Soap Bar! >>

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