6 Reasons to Make the Switch to Natural Handmade Soap

Skin is the largest organ of the body and how we treat our skin can have a major impact on our overall health. Our skin is incredibly porous and absorbent. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), it is estimated that more than 13 million workers in the United States are potentially exposed to chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin. These potentially toxic chemicals can be drawn through the skin and transferred into the bloodstream, causing concerning long-term damage.

Eight years ago, we made the decision to handcraft our own natural soap and it  was a huge deal for our family. We begin to see changes almost immediately, especially with our ongoing battle with eczema with our youngest daughter. We wanted to take what has worked so well for our family and offer it this amazing experience to more people. Each bar is artisan handmade and takes weeks to cure which maintains the integrity of the nutrients, essential oils and vitamins in our soap.

Most conventional, over-the-counter “soaps” are actually compacted detergents stripped of any natural benefits. According to the FDA, to be regulated as “soap,” the “alkali salts of fatty acids” must be the only material that results in the product’s cleaning action. In fact, the next time you're out shopping take a closer look at the majority of conventional soaps you will find on the shelf. Most are labeled 'beauty bar' or 'detergent bar' or something similar - because they aren't technically considered soap!

If the product contains synthetic detergents, it’s a cosmetic, not a soap. Now more than ever, it’s imperative to educate ourselves on the products we use. In the spirit of transparency, here are 6 Reasons to Make the Switch to Natural Handmade Soap.

    1. Only 100% Pure Essential Oils: Packed with antibacterial, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and other health-promoting properties, pure essential oils clean the skin while adding valuable nutrients.
    2. Don’t Do Detergent: Why on earth would anyone choose a cosmetic to cleanse over soap? Not only do detergent soaps mask odor more than clean, they often irritate and dehydrate the skin.
    3. Think pH Levels: Important for maintaining the skin’s natural barrier, the pH is around 9-10 for Natural Bar Soap. That level is naturally alkaline, making the soap a gentler and a more effective cleanser. The inclusion of Coconut Oil in our soap nourishes and moisturizes to maintain the skin’s natural pH levels.
    4. Just Say “No” To Chemicals: Antibacterial “soap” typically contains triclosan, along with numerous other harmful chemicals (including parabens, petrochemicals, and sodium laureth sulphate). The Environmental Working Group found that triclosan may disrupt human hormones (animals studies proved it did) and damage the reproductive system. Also, it doesn’t actually kill more germs than natural soap! These same chemicals that harm our bodies are also doing some serious damage to the Earth. These chemicals can be found in rivers, oceans, and other places.
    5. Animal Friends: Instead of eliciting required animal testing because of the chemicals used in OTC “soap,” our natural soap is entirely cruelty-free. The EG Team never produces products that we haven’t personally tested on own human bodies.  
    6. Rich Lather: Creamy and silkening, nature’s ingredients make for much richer suds than synthetics used in OTC “ soap.”
    7. Silkier Skin: The cold process soap method keeps all of the nourishing ingredients intact which help prevent dry, itchy skin while actively moisturizing the skin. Glycerin is a natural product of the soap making process. However, many commercial soap manufacturers remove the glycerin to create other products such as moisturizing lotions. Glycerin is retained in every bar of soap we make, resulting in increased moisture for the skin.

Okay, so that's actually 7 reasons and we're just getting started. 

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