Must Have Homestead Garden Tools!

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You might be planning simple activities like adding a few plants or planting flowers to attract butterflies. Or perhaps you're tackling larger projects, such as installing a fence. Regardless of the project's scale, having the right tools is essential. Even if you already have basic tools like a rake and shovel, it might be time for an upgrade. The right tools can save you some pain and suffering, money and time -- we all want that, right?  

To help you out, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite affordable (and some more high-ticket items that are worth the coin!), high-quality basic lawn and garden tools. From durable, water-efficient hoses and waterers to ergonomic pruning shears, these tools are indispensable for the homestead. Whether you're a beginner learning the difference between annuals and perennials or a seasoned gardener who's an expert on pH balance in the soil, these tools will streamline your gardening tasks.

There are dozens of these lists and there's so many more tools and equipment we could add. We think these are a great start to add to your shed to upgrade your garden game and fame! 

1. Wilcox Hand Trowel  




If you want to be a transplant professional in the garden you need a good hand trowel! These dig well, are sturdy and comfortable, plus you can measure with it. It's not fancy looking but effective. Long blade and can be used in place of  a soil knife. It is a bit pricy but comes with a lifetime warranty so that kind of makes up for that. Only drawback is since the blade doesn't fill the circumference of the handle soil can get in there. It won't hinder work but we recommend using a nook or similar tool to clean as opposed to rinsing to minimize water exposure. Other than that, great tool, highly recommend.


2. Hori Hori Digging Knife



Japanese craftsmanship is highly esteemed in the gardening world as they forge some of the best blades, and pruning tools you can find. This can be used as a trowel as well, but when it comes to cutting stubborn roots, harvesting, and just working through brush and other stubborn refuse in the garden, this thing gets the job done. It's lightweight, easy to handle and definitely gets continued use.  


3. Hand pruners


These are a bit of an investment but well worth it, plus you'll enjoy them for years. Comfortable, sturdy pruning shears with replaceable parts these are certainly a winner for any gardener.  


4. Firm Grip Gloves 

I know, I know. You want to feel the soil in your fingertips and "get your hands dirty" we get it. But if you have ever got stuck by some thistle, some thorns or peeled some skin off weeding, you know why these are a must! 

5. Housolution Garden Tote

Of course you need something to organize and keep all your most used tools in a handy place. This bag here delivers with a bunch of pockets, lightweight design and at affordable price.


6.   Fiskars Bypass Loppers

You have to have a pair of these for your woodier shrubs, or tree branches that might be getting in your way for example. These do not disappoint. Must have. 


7. Bully Tools Pointed Shovel

This solid steel, fiberglass handled beauty is a go-to and can handle about 90% of your backyard needs. Nothing like a good shovel!


8. Gorilla Cart 

Are you hauling compost? Recycling? Leaves? Concrete? These are an absolute beast and worth every penny! Get non pneumatic tires if possible as those are far more durable but either way these must have around the homestead! 


9. Zero G Hose   

I don't care if you're an irrigation specialist, i can't stress enough the importance of having some good hoses and this one here is certainly a winner. It comes with a warranty! 

10. Dramm Water Gun 


These are a bit pricy compared to what you may get at your local hardware normally but again, worth the investment to get all the settings (my favorites are shower and jet!) along with quality design and durability.   


11. Dramm Wand

  Can you tell we like this brand? Now the wand is great for nursery applications. I love these in particular because they never clog, and the water flow is even every time. One touch, sturdy and comfy design -- we highly recommend.   


12. Tub trug


Gather vegetables, pick weeds, or carry water with a multi-purpose gardening tub. These ribbed containers are easy to clean, flexible, and sturdy, make sure to have several sizes available. You will use these over and over again. 


13. Worx Leaf Mulcher 


Transform large heaps of leaves into merely one or two bags. Produce your own leaf mulch for gardens or flower beds. This tool is convenient and efficient and handles yard waste like a charm. It also collapses for simple storage. It'll cost you a few bucks, but you will be glad you got one!


Ultimately, it's all about your preference, however when it comes to choosing tools and equipment you definitely want to make choices that are going to last more than a couple seasons. The things you want to look for are quality, material, comfortability and care and maintenance required. Reach out and let us know what your favorite tools are and what other topics you are interested in -- we'd love the feedback. Happy growing, and remember, the answers are in the soil!  

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