Ethiopian Kale (Seeds)
Ethiopian Kale (Seeds)

Ethiopian Kale (Seeds)

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Brassica carinata.

As its name suggests, this biennial cousin of kale (technically, it’s a mustard) is grown as a leafy green in Ethiopia. The leaves have a milder flavor than either kale or mustard, but are rich in nutrients. 

We fell for this unusual leafy green immediately after the first bite. The hearty leaves have a very complex flavor with overtones of spice and garlic. We love it when Judith uses this kale to make an Ethiopian dish known as Gomen!

The flowers are highly attractive to honey bees, and the seeds are a potential source for bio-fuel. The plants are cold hardy and drought resistant. Grow for tasty, nutritious baby greens or full size leaves. The full sized leaves benefit from blanching or stir-frying to become tender and tasty. Plant some Ethiopian kale seeds in containers or raised beds.

Each packet contains about 200 seeds.

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