Intro to Cold Process Soap Making and Consultation
Intro to Cold Process Soap Making and Consultation
Intro to Cold Process Soap Making and Consultation

Intro to Cold Process Soap Making and Consultation

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If you are new to soap making these classes are for you! Taught by local soap artisan, Judith Yisrael, each class will provide a provide a thorough lesson for anyone who inspires to be a soap crafter! Making natural, personal-care products is a science, so it is very important that you understand why you are doing something, not just how to do something. 

1.5-hr Introduction to Cold Process Soap Making Class (Information Only ~ Virtual)

Learn all the in and outs of cold process. This class is a great entry level option for those that want to learn about cold process soap making and try making it on their own. *Please note, we will not be making soap in this class. Class instruction includes: 

  • History of soap making and important terminology
  • Detailed overview of safety procedures (demystifying the lye! NaOH) and chemistry of saponification 
  • Soap making recipes and a step-by-step instruction Ebook for your personal reference
  • List of materials and ingredients needed (& the best places to purchase them!)
  • How to use an online soap calculator to create your own recipes
  • Basic troubleshooting tips (common mistakes & how to avoid them!)
  • Q & A

No experience is necessary! *This class is available to all ages since there will be no handling of caustic chemicals.

3-hr Hands on Cold Process Soap making Class (Virtual)

This class is for those that want to apply the theory and make their own batch of soap with the supervision of an instructor. This classes includes everything from our 1.5-hr introduction class and:

  • A soap making kit complete with:
    • Olive oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil and Coconut Oil
    • Sodium Hydroxide Lye
    • Nitrile Gloves
    • Sodium Lactate
    • 10 inch reusable silicone loaf mold
    • Apple sage fragrance oil (you can use any scents or essential oils on hand)
  • Each kit yields 8-10 bars of soap
  • Step-by-step instructions and advanced soap making Ebook that covers how to use additives such as colorants, herbs, choosing oils and butters, and troubleshooting. 

**This class is only open to 18 and over due to use of caustic chemicals. 

Class prices are for one person. Add an additional person for $30. Soaping with a partner is loads of fun! Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of soap making kit. Your class will be scheduled with Judith after the arrival of your soap making kit. Please allow 1-2 weeks. 

Virtual One-on-one Home & Business Consulting

Judith is now offering personalized consulting for those interested in taking their soap making craft to a new level. Consultations are perfect for anyone seeking entrepreneurial and business expertise, as Judith will address any questions you have and provide comprehensive solutions to accomplish your goals.

Consulting can be done by phone or live over FaceTime or Zoom. Time can be broken apart into multiple sessions if needed. If additional research is needed to address your questions or if calculations or recipes need to be made, then the time spent will be calculated as part of the time purchased.

Some topics covered include (but are not limited to)

  • Sizing up batch sizes
  • Designing labels
  • Pricing your product & figuring out costs
  • Equipment that will best suit your operations
  • The business know-hows of selling soap (i.e. insurance, permits, registering, selling)

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