Intro to Cold Process Soap Making
Intro to Cold Process Soap Making
Intro to Cold Process Soap Making

Intro to Cold Process Soap Making

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Introduction to Cold-Process Soapmaking

Round up the crew and join us for an afternoon of soaping, sipping, and socializing! This Beginners cold-process Soapmaking class is a perfect space to bring the in-laws, have a date, gather with your girlfriends, visiting relatives, or to just lather up your own creativity! Soapmaking is a delicate art that has been practiced by homesteaders for many years. For this class we will be recapturing the craft and taping into the homesteading spirit.

In this beginners class, local soap artisan, Judith Yisrael, will provide a thorough lesson for anyone who inspires to be a soap crafter! Making natural, personal-care products is a science, so it is very important that you understand why you are doing something, not just how to do something. In addition to Judith's class instruction, participants will also:

  • Learn the history of Soapmaking
  • Understand safety procedures (demystifying the lye! NaOH)
  • Receive soapmaking recipes and instruction booklet
  • List of materials and ingredients needed (best places to purchase them!)
  • Take home 2 1/2 pounds of your very own homemade soap (approx 5 to 8 bars)

No experience is necessary! All materials included.

*Class is only open to 18 and over due to use of caustic chemicals.

We will contact you within 48 hours to schedule your class.

Classes take place at our office/studio located at 4625 44th Street, Sacramento, CA 95820.

Private Party - Want to have a private class in your own space? Perfect for bachelorette parties, girls night out, team building activities, showers, and fundraisers. Email us at